Lighted Tree With Cherry Blossom Design

Lighted Tree With Cherry Blossom Design

There's this beautiful lighted tree with cherry blossom design that I saw at a friend's place the other day. He had kept it on his patio and it looked awesome when lit up at night!

This one is quite tall at 6 feet. Yet the packaging it comes in is fairly compact. The branches are brown and it can be used both indoors and outdoors, though not in the rain. You can bend and shape the branches to your liking, which makes it easy to create a variety of looks.

This could of course be a perfect Christmas gift for someone you know or your own home. It's also great for all parties and events. It looks delicate and pretty and is sure to be appreciated by anyone who sees it.

It immediately draws your eyes to it and gives off a fair amount of light. It's a lovely addition to any area of your home or outdoors!

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