Luxurious Ivory-Grey Area Rug With Geometric Pattern

Luxurious Ivory-Grey Area Rug With Geometric Pattern

I once stumbled upon this luxurious, ivory & grey area rug with a geometic pattern.

It has a truly beautiful design that gives the impression of a designer product (but without the hefty price tag!) Because it is neutral colored, it should go well with any home decor. The 2-inch pile height results in a very soft, cushioned effect.

If you want a rug to enhance the looks of your room while having a deep, plush feel to it, this could be just the right one for you.

Its high density of fibers means that its softness endures over time, even with heavy usage. And despite lots of stuff spilling onto it including ketchup, toothpaste(!), dog poop and more, it retains its looks too, once you clean it up.

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