Wax LED Candles With Realistic Flicker Effect

Wax LED Candles With Realistic Flicker Effect

I saw these beautiful wax LED candles with a realistic flicker effect at a friend’s place recently. They lit up a corner of her living room and it looked as if each one had a flame in it!

They are designed to look just like the real thing and it is not obvious that they have bulbs inside instead of a burning wick. There are nine of them in a set and they come in varying heights, which makes for a great ambience. The lights are battery powered so there are no wires to deal with.

All nine are controlled by a remote, which is convenient when placing them at hard to reach locations. There’s also a timer that can turn them on and off at a certain time each day.

This product could make a great gift for Christmas. Or you could buy a set (or two!) to use around your home. Plus, it’s a great choice for parties and events of all kinds and can enhance the looks of any table or location.

The best thing about it is that it looks quite genuine. Because the flicker does not noticeably repeat at regular intervals, it feels as if an actual flame is burning inside. At the same time, there’s no fire hazard of any sort, so this product can be placed just about anywhere without any risk.

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