Best Toasters Under $50

Best Toasters Under $50I hunted around for some of the best toasters under $50 and came up with this set of five excellent choices. (Incidentally, did you know that these very useful appliances were invented in Scotland as long ago as 1893? I thought they were more modern than that!)

I looked at products that can handle 2 slices, 4 slices and even 6 slices at once. And I also looked at the pop-up kind as well as the oven type, since both have their unique pluses and minuses. While we are on the subject, which of these two major types should you choose? That depends on your needs, really. If you like to have your bread slices to come out evenly done and you want to do nothing else with your appliance, then the pop-up variety is best. If you want something that includes other functions like broiling and baking, then go for the oven variety.

When choosing products for this list, I looked first and foremost at the products' quality and performance. That was the main consideration. A number of users have provided feedback about these products and overall, they have had very positive experiences.

What goes into product quality? One is the ability to produce consistent results over time. For a given product, a specific setting should produce similar levels of browning across different slices of bread. Then of course, there should be a good variety of choices for "toastiness" (or the level of browning). Ease of operation as well as ease of cleaning (typically by having a removable crumb tray) was also an important consideration. Pop-up varieties that included the option to toast only one side (for example, when heating a bagel) were preferred.

A power cord that could be retracted or could otherwise be put away from sight when not in use was considered a definite plus too.

Of course, as of this writing, the price of each product had to be below the specified threshold to make it to this list. That means, with all these products, you get great value for money, since the price is not set too high despite the product quality being excellent.

Also, as mentioned above, I've included appliances with different capacities and included the two major types commonly used in homes. Let's look at each product now.

Best Toasters Under $50 - All-Metal Stunning Retro Looks
Best Toasters Under $50 - All-Metal Stunning Retro Looks

This product looks classy with its sleek and retro appearance. Its rounded contours enhance its looks too. Capable of handling both bread slices as well as bagels, it ensures they come out perfectly, in line with your chosen settings. The bottom tray is removable, which makes it easy to get rid of bread crumbs and other waste.

It comes with non-slip rubber feet which is convenient on smooth counter-tops. I'm slightly apprehensive of all-metal bodies in general because they smudge easily, but this product's body is reasonably resistant to fingerprints and other marks.

It can handle two slices at a time and has generous-sized slots to accommodate bagels and large bread slices. You can choose from 6 browning shades - that gives you sufficient choices. Overall, this is a great product to consider buying.

Best Toasters List - Steel & Zinc Body With Large Bread Slots
Best Toasters List - Steel & Zinc Body With Large Bread Slots

Like the one above, this is a 2-slice at a time product. It has an LED indicator that glows when it's in operation and shuts off when the slices are done, which is convenient.

The red portion of the body is made of stainless steel and the silver part of zinc. This color combination looks very appealing and will fit well in most contemporary homes. The slot is fully 1.5 inches wide so it can easily handle thick slices without getting stuck inside. The removable bottom tray adds to its utility.

Another feature that distinguishes this from other similar products is that the lever lifts the bread slice up high once it is done. This makes it quite easy to remove even small bread slices from the slots. I know this is unlike the product I currently use, which doesn't lift the slice high enough.

It has 7 settings; that should be enough for most folks. Plus it has a defrost setting that first defrosts frozen bread and then heats it to the browning level you want. The power cord can be rolled up into the bottom of the appliance for easy storage.

Large Capacity Adjustable Temperature Rotisserie | Top Choices Under $50
Large Capacity Adjustable Temperature Rotisserie | Top Choices Under $50

I chose this product to include one with an oven function in this list. Sometimes, you want more than just heat bread slices. This product is a rotisserie that can handle bake, broil as well as keep food warm. You can adjust the temperature from 150 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so it fits many different purposes.

It is quite large and can heat up 6 slices of bread at a time. With a stainless steel body, it is rugged enough for use while camping, besides regular use at home. The design and the materials used make it easy to clean out.

This product is an excellent choice for those who need a larger capacity with a built-in oven function.

Best toasters under $50 - Appliance With Toast Boost, Defrost And Reheat Functions
Best toasters under $50 - Appliance With Toast Boost, Defrost And Reheat Functions

This is a chrome finish, 4-slice product. It has a wide slot to handle thick bread slices (else it won't make it to this list!)

This product too has a bagel function that heats up the two sides of the bagel to different degrees. The exteriors stay relatively cool to the touch when it is in operation, so you can handle it safely. You can, of course, select the browning shade you prefer.

The slices gets lifted high when they are done, like with some of the above products. A great choice if you need a 4-slice appliance.

Best Toaster Choices  Under $50 - Six Shade Settings And Bagel Mode
Best Toaster Choices Under $50 - Six Shade Settings And Bagel Mode

This is another option for those who want a 4-slice machine. You can do pairs of slices to different degrees, which is useful. You could heat up bagels, waffles, bread, etc. It's footprint is fairly small, so it fits well into limited spaces. The black-and-stainless-steel combination looks nice too.