How To Make A Beautiful Fabric Flower For Home Decor

How To Make A Beautiful Fabric Flower For Home DecorWant to know how to make a beautiful fabric flower for home decor? Here’s the step-by-step instructions. You could use this in any of hundreds of creative ways around your house and give a touch of beauty to any space. It takes some work to make one, but it is not too difficult and anyone can do it. Make several -- use different colors depending on your tastes -- and use them to make your room look great.

Supplies Needed

80 inches of 1.5 inch wide grosgrain ribbon

Fabric glue

One embellishment for the center
Twenty five 4 mm beads
Twenty five 6 mm beads
Twenty five 8 mm beads
One felt circle

Step by Step Instructions

Measure and cut out 80 inches (203 cm) of the grosgrain ribbon. Apply glue to one corner of the ribbon. Fold that corner so that the end of the ribbon is aligned with one edge. Press it to secure it in place with the glue.

Fold the ribbon again next to the first fold so that it forms a triangle shape. Now bring the two ends together. This forms the first petal of the flower. Use a needle and thread to sew together the base of the petal at its end.

Next, fold the ribbon again next to this petal. It forms a another triangle. You need to keep doing this repeatedly.

Bring the ends together to form a petal and use your fingers to hold it in place. Then fold the ribbon again for form yet another triangle. Create a petal again.

At this point, you have two petals. Use the needle and thread to sew the petal at the base so that it holds its shape. You need to keep folding and repeating this process till you reach the end of the ribbon.

Once you create a few petals, it will become difficult to hold them in place with your fingers. When that happens, put a pin through the petals to keep them in place.

When you do this process and come to the end of the ribbon, you will end up with about twenty five petals. Once you have that number, use scissors to cut off the last extra piece of ribbon at the very end. Use a lighter to seal together the loose threads at the end of the ribbon. Apply glue to the end of the ribbon and secure the final fold. Create the last petal and use the needle and thread to sew it into place.

Remove the pins holding groups of petals in place. Form the entire assembly into a circular shape, like a flower. Then you need to sew the top and bottom of the first and the last petals together.

The next step is to sew the various beads into place.

Start with any petal. Use a needle that is narrow enough to go through the hole in the largest (8 mm) bead. Sew a knot in the petal about two or three millimeters from the top of the petals and about five millimeters from the outer pointed end of the petal. Thread a bead into place in the hollow inner part of the petal.

Insert the needle through two adjoining petals. Then thread the second bead and place it into the hollow of the second petal. Continue sewing beads into petals till you have covered all the petals.

After you are through with the last petal, insert the needle (along with the same thread) into the first petal, tighten the thread and bring together the first and last petals of the flower. Also put the needle and thread through the first couple of beads to ensure the flower stays tight. Use another thread towards the inside of the petal to prevent the knots from showing.

Next, we need to create the second row of beads. Get a new thread ready for this.

To make the second row, use the next smaller size beads (6 mm). Sew them in place in between each pair of beads that form the first row. Place the second row above the first row of the beads fairly close to the first row.

Make the second row of beads following the same process as for the first row. Repeat the process using the smallest beads (4 mm) to form the third row, next to the second row.

Right now, the bottom of the flower opens out easily and is too flexible. You need to sew together the bottom of each petal, towards its inner ends. This will give the flower the required solidity.

Once that is done, turn the flower around and push down its top center region towards the bottom. Attach the top region to the bottom using several stitches. You will need to stitch together the top corners of the petals with the bottom corners to hold it in place.

Take the felt circle. Apply glue to one face of the circle and fix it to the back of the flower. Now apply glue to the bottom of the embellishment and fix it to the top center of the flower.

Your beautiful flower is ready! You could use this in ways that are limited only by your imagination. You could create a string of these flowers and use it as door or window hangings. Or perhaps fix them at various points to a curtain or screen or around your bedroom. Just let your imagination roam free to find new and creative ways to use them!

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