How To Make An Amazing Tabletop Christmas Tree

How To Make An Amazing Tabletop Christmas TreeEver wondered how to make an amazing tabletop Christmas tree, the kind you see in social media pictures during the holiday season? Well, here are precise instructions on creating one yourself. The supplies needed are all listed out too. Read through the instructions and watch the accompanying video too. That will give you a clear picture about what you need to do.

Supplies Needed

Glue gun

White and golden satin ribbons





A4 origami sheet

Two small stars with silver glitter color (you could make this yourself)

Step by Step Instructions

Fold the origami sheet into a cone shape, with the plain white portion on the outside.

Apply glue along the outside free edge of the sheet so that it stays in place.

Use the ruler and measure out 20 cm from the tip of the cone towards the bottom (open) portion. Use the pencil to mark it where it measures 20 cm -- do this at several points along the circumference of the cone.

With the scissors, first make a slanting cut from the open end of the cone to reach the level of one of the marks. From the inside end of this cut, make a new cut along the 20 cm marks you made earlier.

Smooth out the cut edge my making any necessary further cuts in order to get an even, flat cone that's 20 cm high.

Now take the white and golden laces and cut out a 9 cm long piece of each.

Fold each piece into a curved arch with the edges one on the other in such a way that the outer edge of one end is placed against the inner edge of the other end. This forms a rounded bow design.

Use the glue gun to stick the two ends of the above design into place.

Make about 35-40 such bows of white color and an equal number of golden color.

Stick a white lace bow with the glue onto the lower end of the cone (the open end) on the outside of the cone. Glue on more white bows next to each other along the lower end of the cone, until it forms a circle of white bows along the end of the cone.

Next, stick a row of golden bows alternating with white bows just above the bottom circle of white bows. Continue to stick these bows in alternating colors in a circular pattern up the cone, till the cone is fully covered.

You could top off the cone with a small circle of white bows, if you wish.

Take a star with silver glitter color and stick it to the top of the cone. Stick another such star on the reverse side of the original star.

You now have a lovely tabletop tree complete with a star! Place it somewhere prominent to catch the eye. As you can see, it is quite easy to make one. And you don't need a lot of supplies either -- just some basic, easily obtainable items. Give it a go today!

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