How To Make Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorations

This is how to make beautiful Christmas tree decorations using just a handful of supplies. To a great extent, what makes the centerpiece look lovely is all the stuff you hang on it! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make colorful, attractive baubles. They only take a short while to make and don’t need any expensive supplies either. It’s a great way to unleash your creativity!

Supplies Needed

Decopatch paper

Styrofoam balls

Varnish bottles in the colors and finishes you prefer

Soft paint brush

Bauble tops (alternatively, use wires)

Half-inch wide ribbons of the colors of your choice

Step by Step Instructions

Tear up the decopatch paper into pieces of around 1 inch square or smaller. They don’t have to be square at all. When you tear up the paper, the pieces will have uneven edges, which is perfect. The paper size is being kept fairly small to avoid creasing when sticking it onto the ball.

The paint brush you use should be quite soft. This is to avoid leaving unsightly marks on the ball. Dip the brush in the varnish of your choice. Put some varnish on a small area of the ball. Stick a piece of paper on the varnish.

While holding the piece of paper with your thumb, put varnish on top of the paper to give it a smooth finish.

Sometimes, you end up with lumps on the paper, which gives it an uneven appearance. If that happens, just smooth it out with your thumb.

Next, use the brush to put some varnish to one side of the paper. Then put the second piece of paper onto the varnish, with its edge overlapping the first piece. Again, put a coat of varnish over the second piece of paper.

Continue the process till you’ve covered the entire styrofoam ball with pieces of decopatch paper.

You could use a hair dryer if you want the bauble to dry faster. After it has dried out, see if it needs a second coat of varnish. You may need it in some cases.

Take a bauble top or a wire and insert it into the bauble, pushing down firmly. This forms the top of the bauble, which is needed for hanging it from a Christmas tree.

Cut a length of the ribbon. Tie it firmly around the bauble top. Fashion the ends of the ribbon into a bow (like the bow shape you use on shoelaces). Snip off extra lengths from the ends of the ribbon.

Use a piece of twine to add a loop to the top of the bauble. And hang it on your tree!

After the bauble is done, there are still many other things you could do to further embellish it. You could add plastic pearls to it around the surface, you could add initials or letters to it, dip it in whatever varnish color you prefer, etc.

You could also avoid decopatch paper altogether and just dip the styrofoam balls in the varnish you like. Use a variety of colors to give a great look to your tree.

In short, there are many different ways to further personalize your decoration. The only limit is your imagination.

Obviously, this project is easy to do. You get a bunch of attractive baubles to put on your Christmas tree. And you can make it look just the way you want.

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