How To Make Elegant Hanging Lights For Your Home

Here's how to make elegant hanging lights for your home -- in the living room, bedroom or any other location you fancy. You can do this using inexpensive, easily available materials. The steps involved are easy and fun to do. The end result looks simple but very attractive. I'm sure you'll want to create a set for more than one room in your home! Let's get into it.

Supplies Needed

Glue gun


4 wire candle holders

4 battery powered LED lights

Flexible magnetic strip 8 inches long

Wire of the color you prefer -- black, red, etc

Nails (1 inch length)

Step by Step Instructions

Cut the magnetic strip into 8 pieces of roughly 1 inch square (doesn't have to be exactly square) with the scissors. The accompanying video suggests peeling a magnetic strip off the back of a magnetic mirror. You could do that if you don't have a magnetic strip readily available, but you can buy those strips separately too.

Using the glue gun, paste each piece of the magnet onto the back of the LED lights. Take care not to cover up the on-off switch. This uses up four of the eight magnetic strip pieces.

Again, use the glue gun to stick the other four magnet pieces to the inside flat surface of the candle holder.

Place the LED lights inside the candle holder -- they now stick firmly inside the holder because of the magnetic strip pasted onto the bottom of the lights.

Cut out four pieces from the wire. The suggested lengths are 20 inches, 24 inches, 28 inches and 32 inches.

Take one of the wire pieces. Run it through the wire at the bottom of the candle holder. Twist the end of the wire in order to firmly to hold it in place.

Do the same with the remaining three candle holders using the other three pieces of wire.

Take a 1 inch nail and hammer it into your ceiling, where you want the pendant lighting to be hung.

Twist the other end of one of the wires around the nail -- ensure it stays firmly in place, with the wire candle holder hanging down.

Hammer three other nails into the ceiling and hang the wire and pendant from them as described above.

Your project is complete!

As you can see, this DIY project is very easy to do. And it gives a chic look to the room, plus some extra lighting in the space you choose. You should definitely implement this idea -- it's a great way to inexpensively enhance the look of your home.

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