How To Make Lovely Home Decor With Paper Flowers

How To Make Lovely Home Decor With Paper FlowersThis is about how to make lovely home decor with paper flowers. You could use these on doors, walls, windows and in lots of other places round your house.

Supplies Needed

Serrated edge scissors


Regular scissors
Needle and strong thread
Red and orange crepe paper
Thick yellow gold paper with a metallic hue
Small red beads
Small green beads
Gold colored beads
Medium size white beads
Gold colored bells
Gold colored caps
Small rings with decorations / studs on them
A small toy of wood or plastic (Santa, parrot, duck, etc.) with a hole in it for threading through

Step by Step Instructions

Fold up the orange crepe paper, if it isn’t already folded. Measure 6 inches from one of the ends along its length. Cut out the folded paper at this mark using regular scissors.

Cut one edge of the paper using the serrated edge scissors. Now one long edge of the crepe paper has a serrated edge.

Fold the long crepe paper in half. Then fold it in half again. And then fold it in half again a third time.

Now, starting from the serrated edge of the paper, cut along the folded edges of the paper, leaving about 1 centimeter (0.40 inches) uncut at the other end.

Cut out the paper into strips (while it is folded), starting at the serrated edge. Keep the strips to a maximum of 1.5 centimeters (0.60 inches) or so.

When you get to the end of the paper, make a cut along the fold, like you did earlier along the other fold, leaving about 1 cm (0.40 inches) uncut at one end.

Take each strip, holding it firmly on the uncut end and twist the other end two or three times.

Once that is done, open the paper out. Take care not to tear it while doing so.

Apply glue along the uncut edge, on one side of the paper. A thin strip of glue will be sufficient. It doesn’t have to be a straight line either.

After applying the glue, starting from one end of the paper, roll it inwards in a tight roll towards the side where the glue has been applied. Roll it a few times.

Now start making little pleats along the uncut edge of the paper such that the pleats will stick together because of the glue. Unless you are wearing gloves, you are likely to get glue on your hands.

When you have done a few pleats, roll one the end of the paper inwards so that it sticks because of the glue. Keep rolling for the whole length of the paper.

When the whole thing is done, you will get a decorative piece that looks like a beautiful flower.

Follow the same steps as above for another piece of orange crepe paper, till the point where you open out the paper and apply glue to one side.

Roll the new strip of paper on the outside of the first flower so that the glued portion is facing inside and sticks to the first flower. Make pleats with the second strip as well, like you did with the first one.

This is how you make a big, densely packed, appealing paper crepe flower. This will be one of the main elements in your decorative piece.

Next, get hold of the gold colored, metallic hued paper. Cut out a 3.5 cm (1.4 inches) semi-circle from it.

From the center of the semi-circle, cut out a small arc towards the circular edge of the paper. It should be a fairly narrow arc.

Fold the remaining piece to make a cone shape out of it. Use a staple to hold the ends of the cone together. Staple it near the edge. You could glue the cone ends in place too, though that might be difficult because of the stiffness of the paper.

Check that the cone fits snugly over the glued-together end of the flower you made earlier. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to make another cone that is of the right size. Apply glue to the inner sides of the cone and stick it to the flower.

Take out the folded red crepe paper. Mark out 3 cm (1.2 inches) from one end. Cut out the paper along its entire length.

As earlier, use the serrated edge scissors to cut along the edge of the paper to give its entire length a serrated cut.

Open the paper strip out completely. Fold it in half, then into half again, and yet again a third time. Cut the folded ends of the paper from the serrated edge, leaving about 1 cm (0.40 inch) on the top.

Again, cut the paper into 1 cm strips, leaving a border of 1 cm at the top.

Follow the same process as with the orange paper to make a paper flower with this red paper too. The only difference is that you don’t sick a second strip of red crepe paper onto the first one (like we did for the orange flower). So the result is a small red flower, while the earlier orange flower was a bigger one.

Make a total of 3 small orange flowers and 3 small red flowers. You also have the single big orange flower you made earlier.

Get out the needle and thread. The thread should be strong enough to bear the weight of the decorative piece we are making.

Use the needle to thread the small gold colored bell. Take it to the end of the thread and tie a secure knot to keep it in place.

Apply a bit of glue on the knot and cut out any extra thread length.

Thread a gold bead and place it against the bell. Thread 4 bells on top of that. The bells will arrange themselves against the golden bead.

Insert the needle through the center of the top portion of the large orange flower and take it out through the other end (where you have fixed the gold cone).

Above the flower, thread another gold bead in place. Of course, you could use any color combination you prefer, not just gold.

You could follow up the gold bead with a green bead, a ring, a large white bead, a ring, a red bead, followed by a gold bead again.

Next, insert the thread through the toy (parrot, Santa, etc). Then use the same combination of beads above the toy. Then thread a red flower in place above that.

Repeat the same combination of beads as above on top of the red flower.

Use an orange flower above that. Continue using the combination of beads and the orange and red flowers as described above.

Finally, you’ll have six small flowers and one large flower on the thread, with a combination of beads separating each flower.

At the top of the last flower, thread a golden cap in place. Followed by a gold bead. Take the needle again through the gold bead to create a knot. Form a loop with the free end of the thread, a loop that goes through this final gold bead. You could wrap the thread around your finger to keep the loop open.

Repeat the process of threading through the gold bead a couple of times to create a strong loop. Take the thread through the loop to make a strong final knot that will hold the whole thing in place.

Cut off any extra thread at the end.

Your decorative piece is ready! You can use any combination of crepe paper colors and beads, rings, etc that takes your fancy. If you want an awesome piece for Christmas, just use Santas and other festive-themed toys, colored balls, etc.

Make as many of these decorations as you wish and hang them about the house. This is an easy and inexpensive way to add a special touch to your home!

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