How To Organize Your Pantry And Make It Look Awesome

Is your pantry a mess? Here are several ideas on how to organize your pantry and make it look awesome. It does not call for expensive supplies. And you could easily do this in a short while. Let’s tackle this right now.

Supplies Needed

Storage container for tea bags

Food storage containers

Spice jars

Plastic baskets for food

Small picture frames

Step by Step Instructions

The first step is to empty the pantry of course. There’s no way you can get it all set up without first getting everything out of it.

Now spray the shelves with a cleaner and wipe it clean.

Like many people, you might have boxes of various kinds of tea bags sitting around. Some of those boxes might even be empty. Remove all those tea boxes and put those tea bags into the storage container for tea bags, the kind with a transparent top. One area of your pantry immediately moves from messy to neat!

Get the cereal boxes out and put the cereal into food storage containers. The cereal keeps better in the food containers anyway. Do the same thing for other such food items you may have.

If your pantry comes with removable shelves, then get them out.

To give a special look to your pantry, you’ll stick faux wallpaper to the inside walls of the pantry. Use double-sided adhesive tape or tabs (you could use the kind meant for scrapbooking) to stick the wallpaper to the walls. You could use wallpaper on all the interior walls or just the one to the back of the pantry. This completely changes its looks -- plain painted walls look very different from those with wallpaper affixed.

If you have removed your shelves, put those back in now.

Next, organize your spices, assuming you have a bunch of those. Put them into spice jars. For easy identification, label each spice jar with a marker pen. Preferably use a pen with removable ink so that you can wipe it clean if you need to rewrite something.

Once you are sure you don’t want to change any of the labels you’ve written, you could put a clear sealer on the writing so that it stays permanently in place.

This arrangement makes your spice rack look very well put together!

Organize any remaining food items into food jars of appropriate size and also label them like the spice jars above.

The advantage of using similar sets of food jars and spice jars is that the whole pantry will have a uniform look. It just feels better.

You may have several items placed in different baskets. Chances are, everything in those baskets are stored in a very disorganized manner. The solution is to buy new plastic baskets, put food items into them and label those baskets. This helps keep everything well organized.

With baskets, you cannot use a marker pen for labeling, unlike with jars.

You could buy several small frames, the kind that are used for place cards. Remove everything inside those frames, including the pre-existing pictures.

You could even spray paint those frames with a color of your choice, if you want to. Else just go with whatever color the frames are.

Write out your labels for the baskets on pieces of paper. Place the frames over the labels and mark out the size of the frame with a pencil. Then cut the label to size and insert it into the frame. Put its back in place so that the label stays securely within the frame.

If the frame has a small stand on its back to keep it upright on a table then remove it, since we want to stick the frame to the basket.

Use a glue gun to stick the frame to the side of the basket. You may have to hold the frame in place for a minute for the glue to set against the somewhat uneven surface of the basket.

Getting everything labeled makes it far easier to find something when you need it. No need to take out many baskets or containers out to locate an item.

See how easy it is to organize your pantry and make it personalized? Get going with this simple project right away and you’ll not only have a better pantry, you’ll feel great about it as well!

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